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Add other presets and tone enhancements

Add warm tones for Portraits and Beach,
Green tones for Landscapes,
Polaroid to reduce sparkle in sea and water scenes,
B&W option to give excellent clarity for a classic (hang on the wall) photograph,
Sports photos are often blurred and usually a bit dull, lacking Vivid colours, as in real life (but muted, usually due to shadows)
Animal, Natural History, Pets are difficult subjects in remaining still, Easy Photo Unblur on it's own is a real boost here, here. However a Glossy Vivid look would give the specialist photographer (Pet, Advertising, Promotional, Activities, Hobby and Magazine Photography) a wonderful advantage over the dull and lifeless image, transforming it from being a simple Snap into a memorable Photograph, to be proud of.

Syd Last , 01.02.2017, 01:22
Idea status: under consideration


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